Where you hiding?

Updated: May 21, 2019

Why are we so damn obsessed with being busy? When people ask, "How have you been?" Do you reply with, "Busy." For most of us it's not a lie or a blow off. It's the honest to God truth. We fill our lives to the brim with loads and loads of responsibilitites, but why?

For me, it's not hard to fill the "to-do-list". I have a husband, 5 kids, a home, a farm and a job, but I also know people that are single and work, volunteer, are the first called upon by all friends and family. Whatever or however you fill in the spaces "Busy" is an honest answer. It is also the answer that is not only expected but RESPECTED in our culture.

But I'm not just going to point the finger at society for this problem. The real problem lies with us. How many of us could slow down and be present with ourselves and our shit without being distracted? Bah ha hah! No seriously... stop... re-read... and think about that.

We are in love with the idea and feeling of being busy. It gives the illusion to the world that we have it all together, AND it allows us to procrastinate the real work to be done. What's not to love? But that it is just another distraction that keeps us from the true blissful love found during self reflection, connection, and growth.

So far today, I've been hiding with a few doctors appointments, bill paying, freezing up the AHmazing home made grass fed beef broth we made this weekend, and thinking about all the cleaning I still need to do before work tomorrow.

But as my dear friend Greg fondly says we need a to-be list more than a to-do list. So I'll throw a sweatshirt on my little guy and head out to the beautiful unseasonably cool May evening and find myself in all of this. Blessed Be my friends <3 _/\_


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