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Updated: May 1, 2019

Original shared October 12, 2012 on the Sowing Synergy fb page

Sacred Geometry is the belief that geometry and mathematical harmony are found within the very building blocks of life. As we delve deeper and deeper into life, in a place where the great void and mystery meets the beauty of all creation, there is a place where the most beautiful of all patterns and geometric creations exist and these patterns have meaning.

Seed of Life

The seed of life pattern is made of seven interlocking circles. Some beliefs see these seven circles as the seven days in which God created life. First one circle was created and on each further day another circle was added. Once all six circles were formed the 7th effortlessly appears and the seed of life was born. From this shape the flower of life (which is basically like the seed of life but with another layer of circles around the outside) is built, which contains the blueprint of the universe. Therefore, all that exists can be built from the seed of life. The oldest version of this can be seen in the Temple of Osiris at Abydos.

Veiwing this symbol can connect you with the very heart of all of existence. As you go back in consciousness to the heart of all that is, you become aware that there is nothing that cannot be recreated. We are born again into every minute and we can create our life as we wish it to be.The Seed of Life gives birth to The Flower of Life; which has been associated with every major religion throughout recorded history and can be found in the temples, art, and manuscripts of cultures from all over the world.  The sacred geometry of the flower of life  is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all living things and the interconnection of the universe.  

I first came acros these symbols in May 2011 while I was working on a theory of the structure of society.  I was attempting to meld Peter Berger's 2 deminsional horizontal "Canopy Theory" with the well known pyramid structure into one 3 deminsional theory.  Although I was unaware at the onset, I was about to dive headlong into sacred geometry.  I was engrossed with this concept for weeks, sketching a series of progressive images which lead me to the flower of life.  Melding the 3d version, a geodesic sphere, with the the double helix, I then saw the currently proposed shape of the universe.  

Throughout my sketches I was continually facinated with The Seed of Life.  While history tells us that the number 7 was important through the lens of Christian theology, I found the first 6 circles to be the keys that unlocked the 7th circle of synergy.  When the first 6 are drawn in perfect balance and aligned with mutual respect, it is the interconnection of the 6 that effortlessly form the 7th.  If any one of the 6 foundation circles are thrown out of balance the 7th with not form. As I searched for deeper understanding through other's perspectives on the web I began to understand that this sacred geometry was believed to be the foundation of the universe, and if that is so... it may also be the key to living a harmonious life.  I will not proclaim to have a complete understanding of what those six compenents may be, but I have begun to see many correlations around the world.  I've chosen this symbol for my dream for all the reasons mentioned above and for the mysteries I still seek within.

Sowing Synergy - Massage Therapy

Hands are a universal sign for massage and bodywork.  Here they are drawn in the perspective of the therapist offering the 7th circle of synergy to a client.  While it is understood that ultimately a therapist is unable to deliver this to their clients, a large percentage of a therapist's work is done through intention.  In other words it is a hope, a dream, a blessing... an intention for each and every client.

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