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Erin Zedler - Professional Background

My name is Erin Zedler and I am a licensed massage therapist and Embodiment Guide. The name of my business, Sowing Synergy, was a vision gifted to me in 2010. It reflects the desire many crave for balance in their lives. When we say, "yes" to one thing we are also saying, "no" to something else. So we need to consciously choose where and how we are planting the seeds of our tomorrow. There have been times in my life where I have done this very well and I noticed a definite hum to the harmony and balance of energy surrounding me and running through me. Other times I have not done so well and I felt as though I was drowning from the choices that brought me to that present moment. I have come to accept that these lessons eb and flow and grow together. So my highest aim is not a static space or destination, but to continue on. Finding more teachers and fellow travelers sharing in our realizations and leaning in to one another when fears pulls us apart. I share about my struggles and successes on my very human spiritual journey on my blog.

"Change is the only constant in life" ~ Heraclitus

Professional background

I graduated from Bluesky School of Massage and Bodywork, (Grafton, WI) in 2012 with an emphasis on energy work. I had started my bodywork journey two years prior when I took Reiki I & II from Reiki Master, Linda Lohr. I often feel deep gratitude for Linda being my first official teacher in this field, because she taught us to trust our intuition first and foremost. I brought this with me into every one of our Bluesky energy seminars. (Including Acupressure, Lomi Lomi, Polarity Therapy, and Craniosacral Therapy)

Our 2012 class was also extremely fortunate that we had Nick Smedel, a PNMT instructor, for our anatomy (MSAK) classes. This presented me with a beautifully balanced curriculum of logical assessment/analysis and intuitive nurturing.

My embodiment journey has been both personal and professional. I share this in detail on my embodiment page. I now offer classes and One on One embodiment guidance.

Being a healer is a calling. When called, it is not something that can be ignored. I am an eager student of life and find that I am being lead to my teachers each in their due time.

Healing cannot be forced, but we can create an atmosphere that makes healing possible. My role is to help create that atmosphere and guide my clients to realize their own healing. If you are in need of someone to hold space for you and your healing please reach out and we can begin our work together.


Erin Zedler

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