Professional Life

Associate's Degree - 2013

Emphasis in Social Sciences and Psychology


Energyworker - 2010 and beyond

Reiki Master, Polarity Therapy, Accupressure, Cranial Sacral Therapy

Licensed Massage Therapist - 2012

Lomi Lomi, PNMT, Swedish, Lymphatic

Yoga / Embodiment - 2020

200 hr YTT through FCSH

Self exploration of feminine embodiment

Mentor - BodyMind Method 2020


Somatic Strategies 2021

with Linda Thia

Raising the Devine Feminine Net of Light 2020

Crystal Healing - Self taught since 2012

Angel Guidance/ Faerie Magic / Tarot 

Long played in these realms

recently called to go deeper

Personal Life

The world has many titles for all of us.  Some of mine are Business Owner, Massage Therapist, Energy Worker, Life Coach, Intuitive, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, gardener, cook, baker, reader, country bumpkin, scrubber of stains.. and on and on...


Beyond the neat and tidy titles the world likes to slap on us, the reality is: I sometimes I lose my patience with my children and my dogs; my house is semi-organized chaos; I wear my heart on my sleeve; and I am still pulled towards my old coping skills.  I am human.  I fully accept I have shadows that I consistently work to claim (and reclaim) as self.  I definitely do not pretend to have all my shit together for the comfort or acceptance of others.  (Oh yes... I swear on occasion too!) 

That may give you a glimpse into my world, but none of that is who I am.  When you boil it all down, brass tacts, the title above describes me best.  I explore all that I do with a curious heart and I dive in 110%.  When you are doing something new it is normal to stumble, trip, and even... FAIL.. yes fail.  When you are constantly learning and relearning you eventually learn that failure is nothing to fear.  That it is the birthplace of compassion ... as I accept and forgive myself I can also accept and forgive others. 

Sowing Synergy is a method of self-growth and a journey to self-love.  It is NOT about achieving self-perfection.  It is a choice to live as consciously as we are able to in the moment.  To heal and feel more of our innate wholeness.  I love to share what I have experienced and learned and I am blessed to learn from all who walk through my door. 

Embodiment Journey

If you spend your life Doing instead of Being.  If you find that you spend all of your energy taking care of others.  If you feel disconnected from the messages coming through your body.  You are not alone.

You can read about my journey back to realizing my wholeness here.


Family Life

Our motley crew! These children are my greatest teachers and I thank the universe for bringing us all together.  My husband, Matt, and I have known each other since we were teenagers, but we weren't destined to commit to each other until much later in life. We are blessed with the type of love that continues to grow year after year.  He shares my values, is kind, gentle, and "loves my kinda crazy". 


We live in rural Wisconsin and own half of the family farm/wedding venue, Zedland Farm.  Our family loves Sunday dinners, a sunset campfire, working on projects together and letting the kids run while we finally relax together. 

If you join one of our live events you'll most likely meet some of them and get the joy of experiencing our country haven in person! 

Erin Zedler

Chronically curious student of life,  love, the shadows and the present moment