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Self-discovery is an inside job, but that doesn't mean it has to be done alone.

We are physiologically and energetically wired for connection.

Many of us are exhausted, defeated, and lonely pushing through another day.  Your life can sustain and support you rather than beat you down.  

We long for a safe place to be seen and accepted as we change our status quo.

Private Mentoring Program

As clients begin to explore their imbalances some become very engaged in the process and start actively creating change in their lives. Each change is a ripple through their lives.  We need to hold the dark with the light through these times. For those that need extra support in the ick I am offering a longer-term mentoring program. 


Mentees have access to me between sessions, so in honoring the synergy of my own life, I can only take on a couple of mentoring clients at a time.  They also have priority booking so that their momentum is not derailed. 


Each mentoring program is co-designed  but some examples of this agreement could be:

5-months agreement including a deep dive into the Synergy Foundations work followed by 3 months of integration mentoring.

(Mentoring with no bodywork can be virtual)


Someone who has completed Synergy Foundations as a group member may want to go deeper into specific areas and combine the mental understanding with bodywork or movement.  Our goal is often to move from an intellectual understanding into a full-body realization! 

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