Update: I have decided that it would be best to suspend my hands-on massage work during the winter of 20/21.  I did not come to this decision lightly.  Beyond all the uncertainty with Covid, my heart is deeply drawn to and inspired by the transformation Embodiment work provides.  I will be reassessing my position next spring. 

What to expect at your appointment:

-Professional massage from a Licensed Massage Therapist-Full Medical History and Consent required before first massage

-Brief chat to set goals and check in with current state and progress

-Coconut oil and Jojoba Massage Lotion used standard (supplemented with Essential Oil as needed.)

Each massage is custom tailored to each client for their needs of that day. I use all modalities in my toolbox to create space and conditions conducive to healing. Below I describe different aspects of massage, 

"If you do what you've always done,

you'll get what you've always gotten." 

We will need to work together to create this healing space within you.  You should anticipate the need to challenge yourself.  Your ailment may be coming from something physical, emotional or spiritual.  I will teach you simple, yet powerful, practices that will aid in the process and empower you.

Each massage  is guided by

                  the needs of the client

                            not a routine set of strokes

Energy Work

Prana, Chi, Ki, Life Force, Qi, Great Spirit, Holy spirit

All the ancient civilizations had healers that worked with the life force to inspire healing.  Throughout my life I have felt a deep fascination and respect for this energy and have been drawn into the healing arts since I was very young. While I have training in multiple energy modalities I rely on my intuition to guide me to the needed tools.  

An energy session can be completely clothed with light touch or it can even be completely touch free.  (If a client prefers this it is best to mention it during intake.) 

Energy work is also woven into every hands on massage.  I cannot shut "it" off.    

Some people are concerned that they could drain my life force from the session.  I am merely a facilitator, not the ultimate source.   


I am guided down this path and I enjoy watching it all unfold.  

Quantum physics is beginning to reveal slivers of this mysterious life force that courses through all that is.  I believe it is the bridge that will finally merge spirituality with science.  For those with a curious mind  I would encourage you to watch Athene's Theory of Everything. 

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage involves a physical assessment of your problem area.  Each muscle involved in the joint's mobility and stability is then palpated and treated as necessary.

Referrals for physical therapy are common because massage can only help release muscles it cannot strengthen them.  In situations like upper cross and lower cross syndrome, we need the lengthened muscles to gain strength and pull back against the shortened ones.  Softening the shortened muscles alone will not completely correct the problem.


Massage therapist often work in conjunction with Chiropractic care as well.  Loosening the muscles around the adjustment can help prolong the treatment and create new muscle patterns. 

Communication and collaboration are absolutely necessary throughout massage.  There may be discomfort working through trigger points, but I will work at your pace.  As stated above, energy work will be integrated into the massage 


Frozen Shoulder

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Bowel Problems

Joint Replacements

Plantar Fascitis 



Tension Migraines

Decrease rigidity from Parkinson's

And so much more!

Lomi Lomi

Lomi lomi is a Hawaiian loving hands energy massage.  It is a deeply sacred experience for the therapist and the client.  Long, flowing forearm strokes reconnect the body into a complete and balanced whole.

-Minimum Length 2 hours

-Must be a current client

-I only schedule one Lomi lomi per week

-Only on Sundays. 

Please contact me to get scheduled.

Erin Zedler

BodyMind Guide

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