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Let me introduce you all to my loving friend and gorgeous soul, Kathy Bryant.  As a participant in the first group that participated in the Synergy Foundations program (f/k/a Basics of Embodiment) she is a founding member of the Synergy Sisterhood..


I met her through the Center for Spirituality and Healing where we both have worked and took yoga teacher training together. She is a gifted gentle healer with an equally inquisitive heart. I believe with all of my being we were destined to meet and be blessed with each other’s love and support.

This picture was taken at Ledge park on the spring equinox where we connected with the energy of this powerful space, celebrated the changing of the season AND her miraculous healing/rebirth into life cancer free. Over the summer we continued on our own healing journeys walking side by side.  We began doing joint sessions together on a few close family and friends and trusted the unfolding that was happening.  I have long believed the Sowing Synergy would be a collaborations of healers that work on their own healing and the healing of others.  After doing the joint sessions together I knew Kathy was destined to be a part of that dream.

Kathy and me Spring Equinox.jpg

Unfortunately Kathy only had a few months to allow herself to dream of what was possible for her life before she was notified that there was more healing to be done.  The cancer had returned.


I’m writing today to ask, first and foremost, for your love for my friend. I truly believe in the infinite power of God’s healing. As she Knows this is not the end for her, I surrender any fears to our faith in this alone.

While she is journeying through chemo, surrounded and held by our mutual friends/ chosen family, her financial needs are high. I just cannot understand how we live in a world where those fighting for their lives must also be buried by mounting bills and the inability to pay for needed treatments not covered by insurance.

We often hear of and think of the suffering of the families that suffer this way. Standing by Kathy’s side has taught me how single people suffer this in a different, yet equally tragic way. There is no one else in the home to aid in their care or pick up the burden of financial needs. All the love Kathy has put out into the world is returning to her now and we have been able to cover her physical needs in abundance, yet we will need to extend that support into our own networks if we are going to meet her financial ones.

I know we see go fund me links on the regular. It becomes easier and almost necessary for our own mental health to scroll on by. Since you have gotten this far I thank you for your choice to hear her story. It is in witnessing and SEEing each other that we truly connect as we were meant to. If you have the ability to contribute I’ll post a link below.

Please hold this image of Kathy in your mind while praying for her. This is how I see her. She is healed, she is radiant, she is joy, she is love.

Thank you

Kathy Bryant