Group Program

Synergy Foundations

Know thyself, Trust thyself, Love Thyself

8 week intensive group program

Synergy Foundations

Know thyself, Trust thyself, Love Thyself

8 week intensive group program


Begin the work within by sowing the seeds of synergy between the mind's powerful processor, the heart's pure knowing and the body's wisdom of the past and present

Program Offerings:


Getting to know your own mind

  • Understanding your comfort zone

  • Thoughts and words - energy of our unconscious living

  • Hidden rules guiding your life choices

  • Feeling into your Values

  • Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

Building a new relationship with your body

  • Compassionate self massage

  • Connecting to your own energy systems

  • Self-guided body scans 

  • The power of beginner asanas

  • Trusting your Intuitive Movement

Connecting to your Intuition

  • How does your intuition come through in your life

  • Stillness and calm in the storm

  • Surrendering

Bringing it all together

  • Creating sacred space

  • Expand your perception/awareness of the "edges"

  • Sow and nurture seeds of synergy into your living

  • Bring peace to the internal battle and fall deeply in love with yourself

8 Week Intensive:

Online Modules - Lifetime access

Private Facebook Group

Live Class at Zedland Farm

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Investment: $800

1:1 Mentoring Add On

Add  1:1   Mentoring Options

Take the work deeper and receive support with one-on-one Synergy Living Mentoring with me. 













The power in these containers is not only that the work is customized for your journey, but the empowerment you will feel when you take ownership and ACTION between sessions.  


Synergy Foundations - Private Program

If you don't want to wait for a class to start or prefer to work in a more intimate relationship, I am now offering the whole program, Synergy Foundations, one on one with me. 


This is a 5 month commitment including the 8 week intensive followed by 3 months of mentoring