Group Program

Synergy Foundations
Know thyself, Trust thyself, Love Thyself

8 week Intuitive Living group program


Build a foundation for sacred soul work with a like-minded nurturing community. Bring your mind, body, and heart into alignment by healing wounds, breaking patterns, and rewriting the narrative. 

Have faith in forging your own path to a fulfilling joyful life.

Program Offerings:


Getting to know your own mind

  • Understanding the power of your programming

  • Exploring your comfort zone

  • Thoughts and words - energy of our unconscious living

  • Hidden rules guiding your life choices

  • Feeling into your Values

  • Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

Building a new relationship with your body

  • Compassionate self-massage

  • Connecting to your own energy systems

  • Self-guided body scans 

  • The power of beginner asanas

  • Trusting your Intuitive Movement

Connecting to your Intuition

  • How does your intuition come through in your life

  • Stillness and calm in the storm

  • Surrendering

Bringing it all together

  • Creating sacred space

  • Expand your perception/awareness of the "edges"

  • Sow and nurture seeds of synergy into your living

  • Bring peace to the internal battle and fall deeply in love with yourself

8 Week Intensive:

Live Class at Zedland Farm's Homestead

Next Program Dates

8 Wednesday evenings 6-7:30

March 23rd - May 11th,2022

Sign-up has started. Space is limited

Investment: $800

What past participants are saying about Synergy Foundations!!

"The body does not lie:  Listening to my body, understanding its messages, and then reprogramming my thoughts has been life-changing!"   
2019 participant ~ Milwaukee, WI

"Grateful to not be swayed when life happens like this.  Feeling grounded.  3 years ago, I'd be a stressed mess right now.  But
that isn't me anymore.  What a relief."
2020 participant - Fond du Lac, WI

1:1  Add Ons

Add  1:1   Mentoring Options

Take the work deeper and receive support with one-on-one mentoring with me.  Virtual Mentoring













The power in these containers is not only that the work is customized for your journey, but the empowerment you will feel when you take ownership and ACTION between sessions.  

Synergy Sessions 1:1 Support 

Bring the work back to the table with one-on-one support.

Bodywork + Mentoring









Use the powerful space of Synergy Sessions to help your body integrate the new information and bring your work to the surface.