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Therapuetic Massage


Therapeutic Massage is used when treating a specific physical ailment.  Whether you are recovering from a joint replacement, healing from a sports injury, needing to boost your lymphatic system, finding new signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, or sciatic pain; or maybe you just woke up with a "kinked neck" and it isn't going away. This is a clinical massage and its uses are vast.  There will be continued conversation during the session as we work together to assess and treat your specific complaint. 

Therapeutic Massage $80/hr

General Massage


This option is available for someone who isn't quite sure what they need from a session (it's not as uncommon as you might think) or they are purchasing a gift certificate for a loved one. Often times this is called a Relaxation or Swedish Massage. 

We'll work together to get to the deepest reason for coming in for a session.  Most often that will reveal itself while "on-the-table".  For some people this is strictly energy work, others may need a combination of therapeutic modalities and Lomi Lomi.  (I highly recommend a 90 min session for a first appointment so that there is sufficient time to talk and get at least a good hour on the table.) 

**Clients that are living a lifestyle that is driving them back to the table week after week and that want to start changing that pattern, would best be served with a Synergy Session

Lomi Lomi Massage $200/ 2hr session



$200/2hr session

Lomi Lomi Massage is a sacred Hawaiian-style massage.  It is more than just working with the physical body.  The long flowing strokes mixed with wringing and movement gently budge stagnant energy to reconnect our perceived parts into a whole. To get the most out of this massage there may be some guidance on being present until the client is within the flow of the energy of the massage.  This is a time to let your mind rest and honor the innate wisdom and servitude of the body.


Synergy Exploration Session

                             $200/ 2hr session

Combine massage with energy work, self-inquiry, and coaching in a synergy session to aid in removing your barriers to love, purpose, and intuitive living. 

Massage and Bodywork

"A healer is someone who holds space for another to heal themselves."
~India Arie

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