Erin Zedler

I have been a bodyworker for over 10 years. From the beginning I was encouraged to follow my intuition. My reiki teacher threw out the book and said,


"Listen to your heart.  Your heart will guide you." 


It validated how I walked my path and was the most valuable lesson that I have learned thus far as a bodyworker.


Trust yourself.  You are guided.

When something resonates as Truth in your being, you cannot unknow it. 

Licensed Massage Therapist  ~  Embodiment Coach  ~ Intuitive Living Mentor  ~  Healer


"A healer is someone who holds space for another to heal themselves."
~India Arie

Lessons learned at the table and beyond

We all need a place to be seen and heard; to be responded to with compassion and acceptance; to be been recieved as a whole rather than just parts.


To move towards healing and wholeness many of us need support to start the shift; to keep the faith when it gets challenging;  to pause with us when we need to catch our breath; and to encourge us forward when we need movement.


Most people are not living THROUGH their body.  They were living IN their body. As if it were a thing separate from us that needs to be managed, controlled, fixed, or even silenced.

There is deep wisdom waiting in our bodies and in our hearts just wiating for us when we shift that perspective. 

Empowered Healing ~ Bodywork ~Mentoring


2hr New Clilent Session   - $200

We will  get a full picture of where you are today. Assess your physical ailments, what is acute versus chronic and discover where your stress is living in your body.  You will also begin to dream of what you want to sow into your daily experience, to manifest the life your heart knows is possible

You can consider this the first step of consciously choosing a new path. Shine a light on your status quo.  What is serving you and what do you need to release?  What proving cycles and patterns are holding you back?

"If you do what you've always done,

you'll get what you've always gotten." 


Follow up synergy sessions are 90 minutes and $150.  If we decide to continue our momentum of growth after 3 sessions we will develop a custom mentoring agreement. Synergy Foundations program will be required for longer term mentoring agreements. 


This single session is a great way to test the waters.  Maybe you are new to this style of bodywork and want to feel out what is possible with mentoring. 

Discovery Series - $450

The discovery series is designed to kickstart your growth.  Are you needing, wanting, and READY for transformation?  You will discover what you are truly capable of when you commit. 

Session 1   -   2hr

New Clilent Intake   

This is a great way to get to know if we are a good match to work together.


This first session is your intake session as described above.  We will get a full picture of where you are today. Assess your physical ailments, your stress points, and your somatic manifestations.  You will begin to dream of what energy you want to sow into your daily experience. Manifest the life your heart has been telling you is possible.


All appointments will include embodiment whether that is movement, guided meditation, hands-on massage, energy work, BodyMind method, or new directions the source leads us to.

Between the first and second session you will have soulwork to increase your awareness of your current programming.  Time to get honest and very real with yourself. Take-home embodiment exercises determined at first session.

I recommend that you schedule your next session 2-4 weeks after the first.

space between


Soulwork from the space between will reveal our path and show us how to deepen the work from the first session. Many times, during the second session your nervous system will be able to soften and be more open to revealing for healing.  We will continuing building the trust started in Session 1.

Session 2  -   90min

Synergy Session   

space between

Continued Soulwork directed by what comes up in session 2.  Your progress will be a direct result of your commitment to the space between.

I recommend that you schedule your next session 2-4 weeks after the second.

Session 3  -   90min

Coming to Choice

Our goal for the discovery series is that you will feel confident in your deicion about your next steps.  You will have taken an honest look at your stress and how that is affecting your physical experience.  You will have begun to open the lines of communication with the wisdom flowing through your body and your intuition will tell you if continuing the journey at this time is appropriate for you.   

What to expect at your appointment:

-A safe space to be seen, heard and held as you are.

-Loving encouragment to move beyond your status quo

-Sinking into the sensations in your body

-Strict Confidentiality

-Professional bodywork from a Licensed Massage Therapist

-Coconut oil, Olive Oil and Jojoba Massage Lotion used standard (supplemented with Essential Oil as needed.)

Each session is custom tailored to each client for their needs of that day and to support their journey to their highest good. I use all modalities in my toolbox (Massage, Energywork, Yoga, Coaching, and Embodiment Lessons) to create space and conditions conducive to healing.


After many years in the business and experimenting with different modalities. I will no longer do "deep tissue", adrenealing pumping massage.  The work I do is to help you heal the relationship between you and your body so that one day you can experience them as one and the same.  That evolution starts by building trust and respect.  "Deep Tissue" comes from the mindset of conquering the body and doesn't necessary reach deeper layers of tissue.

We will need to work together to create this healing space within you.  You should anticipate the need to challenge yourself.  Your dis-ease may be coming from something physical, emotional or spiritual.  I will teach you and guide you through simple, yet powerful, practices that will empower you in your own healing. 


You will want to arrive with


-An open mind and a willingness to learn

-A heart that believes change is possible and wants to explore

-Respect for the sacredness of your own healing 

-Participation in the bodywork.  Breathwork, visualization, choosing crystals, etc.  We work through the entire session together


A list of current medications and medical history

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