Let's do this!

I have a few short questions that will get our conversation going.  It's really important that we feel that we can trust one another with this work before signing up for Synergy Foundations.  You are not obligated in any way to take this class just because you filled this out  

Also, I'd like to acknowledge upfront that this is a big "Yes!" to yourself no matter the results of the conversation!  You've decided that you cannot continue on in the way you have been going.  You know you need this, want this and are ready!  If it doesn't work out with me I have no doubt you are one step closer to finding your next step.    

What is drawing you to this work?
Where are you at on your embodiment journey? What are you doing when you feel most connected to your body?  (Or if you are completely disconnected as I did, that is 100% OK too!)
How did you hear about this program?

Thanks for submitting!