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After bariatric surgery I found that when I was nourishing my body I wanted the amuse boushe experience. Right from the start I made luscious grass fed bone broth, then progressed to a flavorful pureed chicken salad, and since going back to whole food I started testing what my new stomach would tolerate. I may need protein first, but I crave vegetables and desire color and varied textures.  In all honesty the concept of Amuse Bouche is not only a perfect aim for any wls patient, but to anyone nourishing their body mindfully.  


I may need protein first, but I crave vegetables and desire color and varied textures 


My husband, Matt, and I have shared our love of cooking and eating since we first started dating.  I was nervous that surgery would take that away from us, There has been a bit of a disconnect as I progressed through the phases, but now that I am fully healed and winter is on the horizon.  It''s a perfect time to begin this project. We have a large family to feed, lots of different preferences and nutritional needs but I am so excited to cook along side one another again and come back round the table to "break bread" in a new way as a family. 

Direct translation:


        to Amuse or entertain the mouth

An amuse bouche is offered at the chef's discretion in high end restaurants.  It is the epitome of mindful eating.  It should entice all the senses, wake up the palate and introduce the diner for the spread to come.  All of this in just a couple bites at most! 

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Amuse Bouche