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Lessons learned at the table and beyond

We all need a place to be seen and heard; to be responded to with compassion and acceptance; to be received as a whole rather than just parts.


To move towards healing and wholeness many of us need support to start the shift; to keep the faith when it gets challenging;  to pause with us when we need to catch our breath; and to encourage us forward when we need movement.


Most people are not living THROUGH their body.  They are living IN their body. As if it were a thing separate from us that needs to be managed, controlled, fixed, or even silenced.

There is deep wisdom waiting in our bodies and in our hearts just waiting for us when we shift that perspective. 

Professional Life

Associate's Degree - 2013

Emphasis in Social Sciences and Psychology


Energyworker - 2010 and beyond

Reiki Master, Polarity Therapy, Accupressure, Cranial Sacral Therapy

Licensed Massage Therapist - 2012

Lomi Lomi, PNMT, Swedish, Lymphatic

Yoga / Embodiment - 2020

200 hr YTT through FCSH

Self exploration of feminine embodiment

Mentoring - BodyMind Method 2020


Somatic Strategies 2021

with Linda Thia

Raising the Devine Feminine Net of Light

2020 - present

Crystal Healing - Self taught since 2012

Angel Guidance/ Faerie Magic 

Lifetime of exploring the unseen realms 

Personal Life

Beyond the neat and tidy lables the world likes to slap on us, (business owner, mother, wife, LMT, etc.) the reality is we are all so much more than those lables! Our magic lives in the details of the how more than the what. A few "hows" that may help you see me a bit clearer.


I'm an avid reader.  Mostly non-fiction.  Usually referencing many books at once.  Rarely do I read a book cover to cover at one go, but if it's a great resource I eventually get through all the material ... in time.  I'm a weaver of information (thanks to my friend Archangel Raziel)  I like to shatter the boxes and pull pieces together for a broader view of the whole. 


I am a perfectly imperfect mother. Sometimes lose my patience with my children and my dogs or fall back into my programming of power-over.   When I return to center I can own and repair with compassion.  We are all wounded children bumping into other wounded children.


I find joy in the simple tasks of keeping house, which can often become semi-organized chaos because I always have a project going! Still, I love the details of creating space and want visitors to feel comfortable in our home. 


I accept that I have shadows that I consistently work to claim (and reclaim) as self.  I definitely do not pretend to have all my shit together at all times or claim to have all the answers. As noted through the rest of this site, I trust our inner guidance system to know what is best for each of us.


I explore all that I do with a curious heart and I dive in 110%.  When you are doing something new it is normal to stumble, trip, and even... FAIL.. yes fail.  When you are constantly learning and relearning you eventually learn that failure is nothing to fear.  That is the birthplace of compassion ... as I accept and forgive myself I can also accept and forgive others. 

Sowing Synergy is a method of self-growth and a journey to self-love.  It is NOT about achieving self-perfection.  It is a choice to live as consciously as we are able to in the moment.  To heal and feel more of our innate wholeness.  To step into our potential and shine our light.  I love to share what I have experienced and learned and I am blessed to learn from all who walk through my door. 

Embodiment Journey

If you spend your life Doing instead of Being.  If you may find that you spend all of your energy taking care of others.  If you feel disconnected from the messages coming through your body.  You are not alone.

You can read about my journey back to realizing my wholeness here.


Family Life

Our motley crew! These children are my greatest teachers and I thank the universe for bringing us all together.  My husband, Matt, and I have known each other since we were teenagers, but we weren't destined to commit to each other until much later in life. We are blessed with the type of love that continues to grow year after year.  He shares my values, is kind, gentle, and "loves my kinda crazy". 


We live in rural Wisconsin on the family farm/wedding venue, Zedland Farm.  We are a part of the 7th generation to be caretakers for this beautiful homestead! 


Our family loves Sunday dinners, a sunset campfire, working on projects together, and letting the kids run while we finally relax together.

Chronically curious student of life,  love, the shadows and the present moment


Erin Zedler

I have been a bodyworker for over 10 years. From the beginning I was encouraged to follow my intuition. My reiki teacher threw out the book and said,


"Listen to your heart.  Your heart will guide you." 


It validated how I walked my path and was the most valuable lesson that I have learned thus far as a bodyworker.


Trust yourself.  You are guided.

When something resonates as Truth in your being, you cannot unknow it. 

Licensed Massage Therapist  ~  Embodiment Coach  ~ Intuitive Living Mentor  ~  Healer

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