Consciously sow synergy.

Whether it is in our daily flow,  our intimate relationships, our inner circle or our greater community.


It all starts with the work we choose to do within ourselves.  


Synergy Sessions

Sacred Space is held for your personal transformation.  Combine bodywork, embodiment, mentoring, and your courage to shift your   status quo.  

Laughing Yoga
Programs & Events

Intuitive Movement

Drop-in group classes where we explore and develop the ability to listen to our own body's guidance in building a movement practice. 

Fun, light-hearted, playful curious hearts welcome!



Traditional Massage


Bodywork Modalities.

- Therapeutic

- Lomi Lomi

- Hospice


Synergy Foundations

A group program that offers a framework that can break you free of your autopilot, tap you into the wisdom of your body, and shift your way of being to the intuitive rather than the protective.



Are you having a hard time determining which step to take next with all the noise? Craving a connection with a deep inner knowing what is right for you? Mentoring may be right for you. 

Programs and Events

Synergy Circle

One of the major contributors to the worthiness wound so many of us are feeling is the dismanteling of community.

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Held.

Coming Soon!