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Disclaimer:  I am not a psychotherapist.  I cannot diagnose or treat mental illness or trauma.  I can guide you how to listen to your body, but what you find there may require the next step of seeking a medical or mental health professional. 

The results of this program are completely dependent on the amount of work you are willing to put into it. I cannot guarantee individual results. 

The First Step...

Basics of Embodiment

8 week intensive /3 months integration

Reconnect with your body through intuitive movement, intentional breathing, self massage, and a keen awareness to your experience in the present moment.


Begin sowing the seeds of synergy between the mind's powerful processor, the heart's pure knowing and the body's wisdom of the past and present 

8 Week Intensive:

Sunday Afternoons 1-3

First Session Starts November 1st , 2020

3 Months Supportive Integration

Every other Thursday Evening 6-7

 January 15th 

Virtual Program hosted on the Consciously Woman Network

After completion of the Basics of Embodiment Program 

ongoing support is available within the

Sowing Synergy Living Group hosted by:

The Journey Continues...

Sowing Synergy Signature Program

7 Month Journey 

Continue exploring your path to synergy started with

Basics of Embodiment

Coming in 2021

Completion of the Basics of Embodiment Course is a

pre-requisite for this program

Erin Zedler

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